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Summary of the book of the Hijra of the Abbasid Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mahsani

This research represents the image of the flags of the Diwan Group (Al-Akkad, Al-Mazni and Shukri) in Hijaz, Saudi Arabia, in three sections and several chapters.
The main findings of the study are:
– The research in the preface to the reality of the Hijazi cultural orientation to Egypt, and cultural options were present to the writers of Hijaz, but the direction of the cultural compass went to Egypt for various reasons, and I think that the search of the recipient in the depth of this trend.
– The study presented a new path that revealed the three flags of the Diwan through the vision of the Hijazis and their opinions in their books and magazines.
– The research has proved a great awareness early in the literature of the Hijaz with works such as (chapters and hours between the books and the Fund of the world …) The research also presented the book of the most important Diwan group (Diwan in criticism and literature) and explained its impact in the Hijaz, and a comparison between him and the Book of the Observatory, Issued in 1370 AH. This approach shows the convergence of the views of the critics.
– The research dealt with the literary battles fought by the flags of the Court and the picture of an interview of the literary battles appeared in the Hijaz, also attended the case of the Emirate of Shawki poetry and the opinion of the Hijaz in the emirate of poetry alleged.
 – The study presented some aspects of the revolutionary revolution initiated by the Diwaniyans in Egypt in the face of the renewal revolution initiated by the Hijazis at the beginning of their literary renaissance, and then stopped research on some applied issues such as poetry and rationality in the vision of the Diwaniyans.
 The research believes that the literary revival of Saudi Arabia condemns this literary movement that began in the Hijaz by Al-Awad, Al-Attar, Ahmed Mohamed Gamal and others who struggled to free the mind from its stagnation and opened the minds of writers to important sources of knowledge, such as the literature of Akkad, In the renaissance of Saudi literature.
 The Hijazis were the best when they turned their eyes on Egypt and its literature, which has a moderate, modern vision that does not deny the past, does not break with it, does not dissolve in the West or assimilates with it, but gathers cultural data from its diaspora with a conscious vision.
 I would like to deepen the study of these constituent areas in our Saudi literary career, and what is possible is not to dig up the history and the old press, which included this movement such as the light magazine, the voice of the Hijaz, Al-Manhal magazine and other old newspapers and magazines. It needs institutional care to evaluate research projects. Its time and time and the effort of its owners. And the God of the intent behind…

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