A brief personal biography of the researcher’s efforts in the field of electronic literature.

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  • A brief personal biography of the researcher’s efforts in the field of electronic

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Hassan bin Yahya Al-Mahsani
Associate Professor of Criticism and Literature, Department of Arabic Language and Literature, King Khalid University / Abha / Saudi Arabia. Vice President of the Arab Internet Writers Union.
Specialization: Literature and modern criticism, and interested in his research in the interrelationship of literature and technology.
Publishing a number of books and scientific researches including:
1 – The book of the discourse of creative seismic study in the formations of the structure. Issued by the Vocabulary House, 2008.
2- The book of employing technology in contemporary Saudi poetry. Issued by Al-Baha Literary Club, 2011.
3 – A book of critical optics (chapters in the literary and technical), in print, 2017.
4- A textbook entitled “Features of Creative Speech of SMS Text Messages” (2009).
5 – Research published arbitrator, (the impact of technology in the contemporary poetic text) 2010.
6- Research published arbitrator, (the cosmic village in the poetry of Ibrahim Tala) 2011.
7 – Research published arbitrator, (the evolution of image techniques in contemporary poetry) 2012.
8 – Research published arbitrator, (image semiotics and poetic status on Watts Aab) 2017.
9- An arbitrator (under publication) in studying models of contemporary poetic correspondence between 2008-2018. 2018 m.
10- Research publication (Trends of Saudi poetry on Facebook study and applications on the semiotics of the image in the poetry model / Conference of Saudi writers / 2013 m.

Awards and Memberships:
– Al-Baha Literary Club Award in Literary Criticism (1st place) for the book “Employment of Technology in Poetic Work” (2011).
King Abdulaziz Book Award.
– Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Internet Writers Union 2017.
– Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference (Arabic Language on the World Wide Web) in the Department of Arabic Language, King Khalid University, 2017.
– Member of the scientific committee of the international conference on Arab electronic literature at the University of Rochester 2018.
– Supervised and discussed a number of academic messages in Taalq literature and technology.
– Publishing a number of articles in several magazines.
– From his lectures and participations on interactive literature:
A scientific lecture entitled “The Effect of Photography on Creative Work”, Taif Literary Club
(5 March 2007).
– Scientific lecture entitled (Technology industry for contemporary literary text) Makkah literary club (10 / February / 2009).
– Lecturer at the seminar (the future of the creative discourse of the letters of the Sesame) Riyadh Club literary (4 / January / 2010).
– Lecture (tools of technology and reception of contemporary poetry from paper to YouTube) Jeddah cultural literary club, the tenth text forum (30/3/2010).
– Participated in the International Conference of Sport in Austria / November 2011.
– Lecturer in the symposium (Arabic language and investment science of technology: reading in two national models) Jazan (18/12/2015).
– Physics – Physics – Private lessons – Physics – Physics –
– Participated in five episodes in the program (basket e-mail), which was shown in the month of Ramadan on the Saudi cultural channel 2011. He also tackled literature and technology in a number of television programs for a number of Arabic channels.
Communication Points:
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– 00966504746813
– ahmohsini@kku.edu.sa